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It’s nice as an artist to be able to take advantage of the amazing possibilities afforded with rapid prototyping via 3D printing. Many of these designs could not be manufactured any other way. On this site, I’ve collected images and videos of some of my 3D printed pieces, including  selected jewelry, purses, math art and ceramics.

3D prints are available through my shop at VertigoPolka Shop


3D-Printed Mathematical Art and Jewelry

I have recently introduced two new lines of 3D printed pendants at my shop on My Fleuries pendants and my Little Knothings pendants are each designed with a single, gently meandering, continuous loop, and are available in a variety of finishes in silver, gold, platinum, brass and bronze. They are also being offered in a wide assortment of colors in plastic.

Introducing Two New Lines of 3D Printed Pendants

Yeah, I don’t tweet very often.

These five deliciously twisted bangle bracelets each look absolutely lovely when worn alone, and are even more dramatic when layered with a variety of bangle styles. Available in an abundance of 3D printed materials and finishes in large, medium and small sizes.

Available in the Bracelets section of my shop on

Introducing 5 New 3D Printed Twisted Bangle Bracelets

New line of Fleuries pendants

New line of Little Knothings pendants

In addition to their already impressive and ever expanding list of materials available for your 3D prints, Shapeways has added Bronze in raw or polished finishes, and Brass in raw, polished or gold-plated finishes. In their premium metals, they have added 14K gold, 14K rose gold, 14K white gold, 18K gold and platinum. They have also recently added three new stainless steel finishes in matte black, polished grey and polished nickel.

For more info on the amazing variety of and ever increasing number of materials and finishes, visit Shapeways materials page: materials

New Materials: Brass, Bronze, Gold and Platinum